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COMBINED OFFER! Become an EFT Practitioner & an EFT Animal Practitioner ONLY £1000.00! LIMITED TIME.

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COMBINED OFFER! EFT Practitioner & EFT Animal Practitioner. ONLY £1000! SAVE Over 50%!

EFT Practitioner & EFT Animal Practitioner Certification combined ONLY £1000.00 ! Normally £2105.00. Save £1105.00! .

Marie Holliday is your EFT Master Trainer of Trainers for learning Emotional Freedom Techniques & your Trainer for learning EFT with Animals. For clarity of your certification, Marie is a Trainer of Trainers with EFT International Organisation, the biggest EFT Association in the world and this is where you will gain your official EFT Practitioner Certification from which is recognised worldwide and when successfully completed, you are certificated to work with clients; especially useful for Animal  Guardians, for example with bereavement issues, fears of riding, being thrown etc etc. 

Marie has also worked very hard, to gain Accreditation through IPHM for her EFT with Animals Course which is an Accredited Course. Marie has additionally secured insurance through certain companies for using EFT with Animals to Practitioner status here.

Marie understands how many people want to work with EFT and Animals and with their Guardians and often reiterates that this is the only solid, professional route to take. Marie Holliday is an expert EFT Master Trainer of Trainers and an Advanced EFT Practitioner with EFT International Organisation, working for over 20 years with this technique and over 12 years with animals of all types including wildlife and insects. This is an amazing offer of learning 2 professional practices with one amazing reduced fee of less than half price!

Marie is passionate about teaching these both levels professionally so that everyone can learn the following and has offered the two courses at a phenomenally reduced fee which is one of the best investments you will make in life:

EFT Practitioner Process:-

1. Learn how to work with Self and self  care is of vital importance before you can help anyone, including animals. You can do this through the officially accredited EFT Level1 Foundational Course live Online .Some Pre & Post Home Study. . 
2. Next, EFT Level 2 includes: learn how to work with other people such as friends, family and if interested you can work towards Practitioner. NB: Often Level 1 & Level 2 are combined into one course for practical ease of studying which includes 21 hours live via Zoom.
3.Then the final stage towards EFT Accredited Certified Practitioner is the Accreditation process which is completed at home. This includes Case Studies, Practice Hours, Online multi choice exam & mentoring. ( Fees not included £25 additional with EFT International Association & a Membership fee to join EFT International).
4. Certification through EFT International on successful completion of the above to Accredited EFT International Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner.
NB: To maintain this certification each following year requires 6 hours Mentoring & 30 hours CPDs per annum. ( cost not included)

EFT Animal Practitioner Process:-

1. Entry Registration requires EFT Practitioner Level 2 Certification. ( this is the first process detailed above.)
2. Learn EFT with Animals Course live Online via Zoom ( 12 hours). Some Pre & Post Home Study.
3. Finally, the Accreditation process of Case Studies, Practice Hours, Exam & Mentoring with Marie.
Certification on successful completion of all the above requirements, leads to EFT Animal Practitioner Certification, through Marie's Animal Energy World Academy.

Marie supports and guides you throughout both courses, so you always know what you are doing and have a clear path of your goals at any given stage.

Whilst you are investing your time & finances in these 2 professional courses , you have 2 professional qualifications to enable an adjunct to your existing practice or as 'stand alone' practices.

Both are insurable and recognised qualifications.

These courses combined offer so many advantages:-

Work with the public officially on any issues presented
Work with the public in person or online
If successfully gained your EFT International Accredited Practitioner Certification then you can become a member of the largest EFT group worldwide and all the benefits offered.
Work with Guardians who have issues on say bereavement, fear of snakes, large dogs, horse riding following injuries etc
Work with the Animal direct, surrogate online either with the Guardian or without
Use EFT Practitioner as your main professional practice if you are looking for new employment or to diversify
Use EFT Animal Practitioner in same way as main professional practice.
Use both EFT Practitioner & EFT Animal Practitioner both as main professional practice.
Use both as an Adjunct to your existing practice
Extend your business clients with the two extra professional qualifications
To be able to use EFT at any time for yourself for any anxiety, worry, fear, anything that's bothering you....and to be able to use for your own domestic animals 
​Courses for EFT Level 1 , EFT Level 2 & EFT with Animals run regularly all year round, so you can hop on when you wish & be flexible with your learning but please note that EFT is the first course you have to learn. Often if you contact Marie, she will work with you on course dates if her scheduled dates aren't suitable.


1) Choose your date for  EFT Level 1 & 2 Course working towards Practitioner ( with Accreditation Home working following)

2) Choose date for EFT working towards EFT Animal Practitioner Course( with Accreditation Home working following) 

NB: Dates will be available next year if you need to give more time to complete.


  • July 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th &19th                   5 x half days      Suits UK/Europe/US/Canada Time zone
  • September 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th       5 x half days      Suits UK/Europe/US/Canada Time zone
  • November 11th, 12th & 13th                          3 x full days       Suits UK/Europe Time zone


  • October 7th & 8th 2024                                2 x full days         Suits UK/Europe Time zone
  • December 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th                      4 x half days         Suits UK/Europe/US/Canada Time zone                               


If you are professional qualified EFT Practitioner and don't require this certification, then view the EFT Animal Practitioner Course here & Accreditation here.

Visit the EFT Animals Website here for a Brochure Download on the Syllabus, Accreditation etc.

FREE EFT Manual Here!

The Course investment includes:

  • Live sessions via Zoom for both courses with Marie Holliday, your trainer.
  • Complimentary accompanying Manuals on both courses to aid your learning & study including: 5 x Manuals on EFT Animal Course & 2 Manuals on EFT Practitioner Course-one for each level. ​
  • Accreditation process on both courses.
  • Marie's Assessment & Feedback of your case studies, practice hours & exams on both courses.
  • Mentoring on both courses with Marie.
  • Assessing your skills, knowledge and development throughout the courses through to Certification process. 

The Course does not include:

  • EFT International Exam online which at this stage is £25.00 
  • EFT International Membership 
  • Please be aware when you sign up for these courses that they are in depth professional courses with qualifications and certification attached, so you need the time to give to these courses fully, therefore refunds cannot be offered with these very special investment fees as Marie additionally gives you much of her time, expertise, knowledge & skills.


Invest in your EFT Practitioner & EFT Animal Practitioner to professional Certification for both, at the reduced investment fee of

ONLY £1000.00! Normally £2,105.00  Save £1105.00  Over 50% Savings!

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