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COMBINED OFFER! Become an EFT Practitioner & an EFT Animal Practitioner ONLY £1000.00! LIMITED TIME.

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Levels 1 & 2 Foundational EFT Skills Combined Course

Levels 1 & 2 Foundational EFT Skills Combined Course is now online! A discounted investment fee of only £650.00 which includes 24 hours  training and comprehensive manuals.

You can work your way towards professional certification including Practitioner status or use at a deeper level for yourself ( and family/friends) in this 'live' online course. The course includes 3 hours pre course training from home & can further lead to professional Accredited Practitioner Certification which follows on from the live training.

All courses follow EFT International Organisation's syllabus, competencies and ethics to accredited standards and worldwide recognised certification of which Marie Holliday is a Master Trainer of Trainers, Advanced Practitioner & Official Mentor.


This is an intensive course and suits many people who prefer to schedule their online training this way. Alternatively, online training may be still completed in the two stages of Level 1, then Level 2 separately. Level 1 is a prerequisite.

Course Contents and Syllabus are combined Level 1 & Level 2 on the links below:

  • Course Contents: Level 1
  • Course Contents: Level 2  
  • Accreditation information here. You can make a separate payment follow up or included total payment options if you wish to progress to an official Accredited Practitioner

Course Level 1 & 2 Combined available to purchase below in several ways. 

Normally £720 .00 . Save £70.00 . Combined Discounted Investment £ 650.00 

You can take up one of the following four Payment Options by Pay Pal, Major Cards or UK Bank Transfer:

  • Pay in full £650.00
  • OR Pay Deposit or in 2 payments
  • OR Pay by UK Bank Transfer.
    Contact Marie here for UK bank details or deposit or 2 payments.

NB: Confirm which course date you would like when purchasing.

DATES HERE or contact Marie for further upcoming.


Level1 & Level 2 Combined Courses plus all manuals £650.00 .  

If you wish to pay a deposit or in payment plan then please contact Marie here


Purchase Level 1 & Level 2 Courses Combined PLUS Full Accreditation Package including 4 x One to One Mentoring Sessions ( 4 x 90 mins  sessions) with savings. If you wish to pay a deposit or in payment plan then please contact Marie here.

Total Normally: £1215.00 

Total Payable: £1100.00.  Save: £115.00 !

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