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Official EFT International Mentoring

Official Annual Mentoring is required from all EFT International (formerly AAMET) members at all levels to maintain your professional status. Marie Holliday is a Master Trainer of Trainers with a wealth of experience in training and mentoring. You can join Marie for a friendly yet professional mentoring session with follow up documents/advice/tips etc where needed to help and guide you through your practice, study and learning. Marie teaches EFT up to and including Trainer level and offers mentoring following your training to fully guide you in your way forward understanding your strengths and weaknesses and building on both. Marie also accepts students and practitioners that she has not taught so please feel free to contact her with some details about your training, levels, your trainer and what you would like to see as your mentoring outcome.

Her sessions are currently once a month on Thursday evening CET (Madrid time 1+ UK) however is willing to look at other dates/times if there are at least two people. Marie attracts multi-national attendees from UK, US, Canada, India, Brazil, France, Spain, Germany, amongst just a few countries.

Upcoming Dates are here.

Please download Marie's mentoring brochure for full information to any of your queries.

Required 6 hours annual mentoring to maintain professional status.

Sessions are by:

Group with a Zoom link- no more than 8 attendees

Individual 1 to 1 for 90 minutes

Combined group & individual

'Catch up' if behind with annual mentoring to maintain your status

Personalised if you need for example 2 hours. Contact Marie for availability often at short notice & fee.

Please contact Marie if you need any help or advice here particularly if you need to 'catch up quickly' with your mentoring which may have lapsed; there is no reason to worry as Marie can normally alleviate any concerns you may have.

Pay safely by Pay Pal and if you prefer UK Bank Transfer please contact Marie here ,or with any other enquiry that she can help with or download Marie's mentoring brochure here.


Group Mentoring

Group Mentoring of 90 minutes, One Session is £35.00

Group Mentoring Sessions x 4 Annual requirements of 90 minutes each or 6 hours  £125.00 ( save £ 15.00)


1 to 1 Individual Mentoring

1 to 1 Individual Mentoring-One Session of 90 minutes £60.00

1 to 1 Individual Mentoring 4 x Sessions of 90 mins annual requirements 6 hours £ 199.00 (Save £41.00) 

Combination 1 to 1 & Group Mentoring

Combination Mentoring . Consists of 2 x Sessions 90 mins Group and 2 x Sessions 90 mins. Individual 6 hrs total. £ 165.00 ( save £25.00)

'Catch -Up' Mentoring

If you need to Catch Up for any reason then Marie offers this 6 hrs at mutual appointments all for £199.00

References to AAMET are now replaced with EFT International Association.

Marie offers friendly & professional Mentoring.


Mentoring Contact Marie


Marie Holliday Master Trainer of Trainers

Download Mentoring Brochure with full information here.


Marie training Level 1 students


Marie lives in Spain & mentors worldwide in all time zones


Marie is an approved Mentor with EFTi


Marie is a Master Trainer of Trainers with EFTi


Discuss techniques, case studies, practice reviews, client issues etc

(KC is now known as S of H)