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Upcoming Online Group Mentoring -Supervision Dates

Upcoming Online GROUP Mentoring -Supervision Dates by Zoom for 2022. Check World Clock for your Time Zones here.

PM Sessions cover UK, Europe, USA, Canada, India                                                    AM Sessions cover UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, India, Singapore, Hong Kong

Thursday PM Session @ 18.00 (CET/Madrid) 17.00 (UK)

Monday AM Session @ 11.00 am (CET/Madrid) 10.00 am (UK)

Morning mentoring closed till further notice-contact for further info

  • 27th January
  • 10th January
  • 24th February
  • 7th February
  • 24th March
  • 14th March
  • 21st April
  • 10th April
  • 26th May
  • 9th May
  • 23rd June
  • 13th June

All dates are on a Thursday each month at 18.00 CET/Madrid time zone (17.00 UK) This time covers most time zones in Europe, US, Canada.

Or new Morning CET Groups at 11.00 am (10.00 UK) Europe, Asia, India, Australia.

Check your World Time Zones here.

NB: Occasionally dates can change for many reasons so please always contact Marie and confirm your mentoring requirements.

Payments & fuller details here.

Individual Mentoring available available by mutual appointment. 'Catch up'  Mentoring available often at short notice, if for whatever reason you are behind with your annual

requirements. Contact Marie here.

Download Mentoring Brochure here.