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EFT Masterclass with Serious Illness, £299.00

EFT Masterclass with Serious Illness

Marie Holliday is an EFT Master Trainer of Trainers with EFT International Association and is your Trainer on this speciality workshop on EFT Masterclass with Serious Illness.

This is a two day course 'live' online and is particularly useful for professionals who work within this area of serious illness and chronic disease or who wish to have help with a serious illness themself.

Marie has direct personal experience of the power of EFT within this area, having had a brain haemorrhage that she recovered from in 2 days with EFT when the medical world could not help her. This was approximately 20 years ago and following that recovery, she worked with serious illness as a speciality area and learned much about how to work with this area within her own research. She will share much of this and importantly 'how to' work in a focused and easier manner with her own simple formula that developed after being overwhelmed in working with seriously ill clients.

You can download the Serious Illness Masterclass Brochure here. The Masterclass course is made up of some Home reading as pre course ( 3 hrs) & 12 hours live training via zoom and Home reading post course ( 3 hours). So 18 hours total and with CPD Certificate of Attendance ( if required by your association)

Upcoming Dates 2023:

October 16th to October 19th 2023- 4 x Half days (afternoons UK/Europe) Suitable US & Canada

January 22nd to 25th 2024 -  4 x Half days (afternoons UK/Europe) Suitable US & Canada

How to use EFT with Serious Illness
Marie Holliday is your Trainer on this Masterclass and is looking forward to sharing her skills, knowledge and experience with over 20 years of ‘tips’ in this area of working as a speciality with Serious Illness and Chronic Disease.
Marie herself overcame debilitating symptoms over 20 years ago when she recovered from a brain haemorrahge with EFT, when the medical world couldn’t help her anymore.
This in itself seemed like a miracle then and she believes saved her life. Since then she has worked for many years with serious illnesses & additionally witnessed ‘recoveries’ she wouldn’t have thought possible.
Course Pre-Requisite:
You must be a qualified Level 2 Practitioner to take this workshop

What you will gain from the Workshop:
    • More confident in an informed way
    • You will start to have a more confident approach
    • Work in a safe manner
    • Work in a professional manner
    • You will not feel overwhelmed
    • You will have a simple ‘formula’ that you and your client can work with
    • This formula will help make your client feel safer, more confident & in good hands professionally
    • The formula can be used by your client if you wish your session to be more client led
    • You will have many techniques to use and be creative with

Pre Course Home ( 3 hours approx):

  • Reading/study of some techniques being used on the course.
  • To help your learning
  • Preferably before the course where possible.

Course Contents ( 12 hours live via Zoom):

  • Where to start? Am I experienced enough?
  • Marie’s formula to work on an illness with a simple mind mapping technique
  • Serious Illness including demonstration examples with this technique
  • Discuss with diagrams on the Physical side of Serious Illness
  • Discuss with diagrams on the Psychological side of Serious Illness
  • Showing how this Formula leads to great Questioning & Listening Techniques
  • How to work with what Marie terms ‘Manageable Bits’ of an illness
  • The secrets of getting to a Core Issue & serious illness
  • Involve your client
  •  Introducing Marie’s ‘Questions to Self’
  • The vital importance of Questioning & Listening Techniques including accompanying manual download with ‘how to’ question, ‘tips’, ideas and discussio
  • Continuous Tapping introducing Marie’s own CASTaway Technique.
  • Introducing how the CASTaway Technique helps with Reversals
  • Use of EFT ‘Set Up’ Phrase in detail and its importance 
  •  Importance of ‘Set Up ‘ Phrase with Serious Illness
  •  Importance of using and introducing ‘Love’ throughout your workshop
  • What to do if your client does not Love themselves
  •  Marie’s Energy Exchange Photo Techniques for Serious Illness includes accompanying download & demonstrations
  • Respiratory Issues and how to use Collar Bone Technique, Touch & Breathe & Wrist Point 
  •  Anxiety is a huge part of serious illness, how to use the above techniques for this area
  •  How to work with Bed-bound clients & clients with limited mobility
  • When can you introduce positive tapping?
  • Choices Techniques for serious illness
  • Discussion on Palace of Possibilities in this workshop 
  • Creating positive affirmations for serious illness
  • Discussion and using Palace of Possibilities in enabling positive statements
  • From the Movie Technique to the Cinema Technique to help your client positively
  • Is humour ever appropriate?
  • Cognitive shifts
  • Is Surrogate a useful technique with serious illness?
  • Chasing the Pain ideas and Personification with Pain
  • Use of the Box technique throughout sessions
  • Starting at the beginning with intake notes
  • Skimming & Scanning client intake/emails information

Pre Course Home ( 3 hours approx):

Further Reading to enhance Course techniques & Information.
To aid your learning & understanding


Complimentary E book downloads accompanying your course:

  • Questioning Techniques & Listening Skills Book
  • 2 x Mapping Serious Illness Diagrams
  • CASTaway Techniques
  • CASTaway Diagram-points
  • Palace of Possibilities Handout Aid (use for any client)
  • Eliminate 'Writing on the Walls' with EFT Handout Aid (use for any client)
  • The Energy Exchange Photo Techniques 

The full cost for this Masterclass is £299.00 for the complete course & 18 hours CPD Worthy Certificate of Attendance (12 hours live on Zoom & 3 hours home reading/study preferably before course & 3 hours post course. This is over half the annual requirements of EFT International's CPDs)

You can Download the Masterclass Serious Illness Brochure here and contact Marie for further information here. Upcoming Dates are here.

EFT Masterclass with Serious Illness, £299.00