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COMBINED OFFER! Become an EFT Practitioner & an EFT Animal Practitioner ONLY £1000.00! LIMITED TIME.

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Summer Offer 2024! Introductory Workshop Using EFT for Self & Animals. £99.00!

Welcome to this One Day Introductory Workshop ( or 2 x half days) with Marie Holliday, your EFT Master Trainer of Trainers and EFT Trainer for Animals.

Marie has been teaching Emotional Freedom Techniques ( EFT or ‘Tapping’ as its widely known) for over 20 years now. Recovering from a brain haemorrhage with EFT, this simple yet effective technique literally saved Marie’s life and she has since gone on to additionally secure Accreditation for an official EFT Animal Practitioner Course and process, only in 2023 including getting insurance companies onboard.

Using EFT as a speciality for serious illness, she added to her skills and knowledge base over the years.

Then approximately 11 years ago, she started using EFT for her own animal companions and learning many skills and doing her own research with EFT and Animals and fast forward to where we are to day, where Marie offers introductory workshops, courses and accreditation process towards professional practitioner status.

Much of her main training is with the largest professional EFT association in the world , EFT International where she teaches EFT either for own use or to Practitioner status where you can then work with clients.

Marie has decided to offer a One Day ‘Taster & Introduction’ Workshop for those many people who have no idea yet about EFT yet are interested in using it maybe for themselves or animals-or indeed both!.

Like many techniques, its vital that you have an understanding of how EFT works for ourselves before we can take it and adapt to use for animals.

EFT has moved on leaps and bounds since the first few years that Marie used it, there is endless research now supporting its efficacy including functions of the brain such as the amygdala, hippocampus etc, the polyvagal nerve, meridian systems, being trauma informed, multi-techniques and psychology!

None of the above is a ‘need to know’ but more to let you know, how much EFT has evolved over the years.

As an official EFT Trainer of Trainers worldwide, the association constantly keeps Marie’s training at the ‘top of her game’ with syllabus and contents regularly updated, refreshed, amended etc. You can assure that throughout your workshop that you are in expert hands.

Marie will share much of her own research, tips & work in the Animal side of EFT that she has discovered first hand ,over the years.

Here is a brief overview of what you will cover:-

1) First session will be an Introduction to using Basic EFT for Self

2) Second Session will be an Introduction to Basic EFT with Animals


1) Basic Introduction to using EFT for Self Workshop:-

  • Objective

  • A Cousin To Acupuncture

  • What is Emotional Freedom Techniques?

  • How is a Negative Emotion caused?

  • The Discovery Statement

  • Introduction to the Shortcut Tapping Points

  • Location of the Tapping Acupoints

  • Subjective Units of Distress (SUD’s)

  • How to Tap

  • The Set up Phrase and Reminder Phrase

  • If it doesn’t work? Psychological Reversal

  • What can I use EFT for?

  • Being Specific and Being Persistent

  • Demonstrations

  • Including comprehensive EFT Manual with Tapping Charts and Information









2) Basic Introduction to using EFT for Animals Workshop:-

  • Review EFT including any Questions & Answers

  • Refresher EFT Demonstration

  • Introduction to using EFT with Animals

  • Use it for Animal Companions (-also Wildlife & Insects)

  • Physical Tapping & Surrogate Tapping

  • Can I Tap Physically?

  • Where to Tap?

  • How to Tap?

  • Is the Animal Enjoying it?

  • Is the Animal Not Enjoying it?

  • What to say?

  • Surrogate Tapping

  • When to use Surrogate?

  • How do I use Surrogate?

  • What to say?

  • Which Format to use when Tapping?


What does the Course Include?

  • 6 hours live online introductory workshop with an expert Trainer in both EFT & EFT with Animals

  • Supporting comprehensive Manuals

  • Demonstrations to aid your learning

  • Certificate of Attendance – 8 hours CPD Worthy ( 6 hours live & 2 hours reading/study)

  • Discounted Vouchers to use on both official EFT Courses & EFT Animal Courses ( terms & conditions apply at time)

DOWNLOAD Workshop Brochure here!

Summer 2024 Offer! Purchase Here, Only £99.00

Invest in your EFT Course for Humans & Animals for Only £99.00 . Normally £147.00 ( Save £ 48.00)

Next Course August 5th & 6th from 1.30 to 5.00 pm UK time ( Suits Europe, US & Canada)


Summer 2024 Offer! Only £99.00

Invest in the ever popular EFT for Humans & Animals Course here! Only £99.00 Normally £147.00 ( Save £48.00)

Next Date August 5th & 6th - 1.30 to 5.00 pm UK time ( Suits Europe, US & Canada)

Download Workshop Brochure here!