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Insurance Resource

Insurance Cover is so important for all levels of EFT work and over time living in Spain, Marie has put together a few trusted companies. Additionally, companies that will cover Marie Holliday's new EFT Animal Practitioner Certification.

Do I need to be insured as an EFT Practitioner?
You have worked hard and invested in yourself in time, study, practice and money, to qualify as an EFT Practitioner and you will be fully aware of EFT Internationals' professional standards along with Marie Holliday's own standards as your trainer. 
Unfortunately, in Marie's day to day official EFT Mentoring, she has experienced on a few occasions where Ethics Committee and the Insurance Company have been invaluable to a few Practitioners who have had issues. Whilst still rare, there is a tendency of the public to seek legal action against professionals. It is professional to be covered with all your work and clients expect it nowadays. You are keeping yourself safe and your client safe. We have our very own Ethics Committee on EFT International Organisation & membership with insurance cover is taken very seriously. Whilst Marie can recommend some companies through her own and Practitioners experience below, she cannot be held responsible for any information given here at the time of writing. It is your own responsibility to check out thoroughly, your individual cover, your needs and individual requirements for your own modality or indeed modalities.


With all that in mind, Westminster will cover EFT for people & animals, at the date of writing, covers all modalities under one policy in UK & Eire.

Westminster also covers EFT Animal Practitioners and I have been assured by Christopher O' Donovan , the Relationship Manager that you simply add on 'Animal Healing /Communicator' section and this will encompass EFT with Animals-but you can always check for yourself first.

This is great news for EFT Animal Practitioners!

Click on Westminster Insurance here to receive a 'no obligation' quote.



Marie Holliday uses BGI as they cover most of Europe & South Africa. Marie has always been completely satisfied with their service when you can also ask for advice when necessary.

Marie negotiated BGI insurance cover for EFT Animal Practitioners , so is delighted with this progress. On the Quotes, go to 'Animal Therapies' then a drop down box where you will see 'Emotional Freedom Techniques with Animals' .

If you require ordinary EFT cover its classed under 'Psychological Therapies' drop down box.

If you need insurance cover in UK then contact by email here .Or no obligation  Quotes here.

If you need insurance cover in EEA countries then contact by email here ( check for cover in your European country). Or no obligation Quotes here.




Disclaimer:  EFT Spain wish to make it clear that they are not responsible for the content of external websites that you may link to and the products or services that they offer. The above are purely recommendations.

Important Notice: All insurance quotes and queries should be directed to the insurance provider concerned. EFT Spain are not responsible for any insurance providers or quotes, these contacts have been provided as a service only. 













 Westminster Insurance additionally cover EFT Animal Practitioner both in UK & Eire




BGI additionally cover EFT Animal Practitioner in UK & most of Europe