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EFT & Yoga

EFT can be used as a stand alone technique or indeed combined beautifully with other techniques and therapies.

Over the many years of teaching & using EFT within my practice, I have been involved in many different areas of adapting or using EFT in this area.

One particularly popular area currently and was indeed all those years ago is that of Yoga.

I discovered that EFT blends seamlessly with Yoga and I wrote an article and pdf on the combination and what aspects are introduced:

  • The sound 'OM' with tapping and what I call 'Touch & Chant' OR 'Tap & Chant'
  • Incorporate with the movements. 
  • Incorporate with Breathing.
  • Introducing the polyvagal nerve and parasympathetic/sympathetic nervous system.
  • I introduce the use of the Wrist Point P6 as an additional point with EFT which blends with Yoga.
  • It offers the benefits of both Yoga & EFT and is therefore exceptionally relaxing If you are interested in more then you can download my 'OM Tapping' pdf here.
  • In a busy life style or you may have little time then it combines the benefits of both!




'OM Tapping'